“I want to avoid foreclosure, but I can’t sell my home for what I owe on my mortgage. What can I do?”

Avoid foreclosure no matter how much you owe.

Whitecap is here to help.


What Is a Short Sale?

A short sale is when the bank accepts a payoff that is less than what is owed on a home. This happens when the owner is no longer able to afford their mortgage for whatever reason. It is also an option, even if the owner is current on their payments.

Short Sale or Foreclosure?

A foreclosure can lower your credit score as much as 300 points, while a short sale will only lower it 40–135 points. Foreclosures stay on your credit report for seven years, making it difficult to purchase another home. Short sales do not go on your report.

Who Is Short Sale Real Estate For?

A short sale is an option for owners who either owe more than their homes are worth, are struggling to make payments, or for any other reason find owning the home unfeasible. Other options include keeping the home and improving your situation or foreclosure. Foreclosure is never recommended.

It Costs You Nothing

Short sales do not cost the seller anything. Payments to Whitecap come from the bank at the sale of the property, just like any other real estate transaction.


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Although not always possible, we will try to get you relocation assistance from the bank. It will depend on whether you comply with all of the lender’s requirements and the short-sale program you qualify for.