Relocating to Bay Area Houston: What The Area Has to Offer

The Bay Area Houston is made up of the several suburban cities and coastal towns that lie along the western shores of Galveston Bay and surround Clear Lake, a man-made reservoir that connects Clear Creek to Galveston Bay. It’s at the southernmost border of Harris County and the northernmost border of Galveston County. In addition to its proximity to both central Houston and Galveston, each community has its own uniqueness that provides the distinct appeal and diverse opportunities that make Bay Area Houston an extraordinary place to live.

Bay Area Details

Bay Area Houston has a combined population of around 300,000 residents, shares a top-ranked public-school system (Clear Creek ISD), enjoys a diverse and resilient economy, and has genuine bragging rights for its unique quality of life. Over 20 marinas and 7,000 boat slips make it the third largest concentration of pleasure boats in the nation. It is also home to the most visited tourist attraction in the state: The Space Center Houston. It’s also home to the largest urban wilderness preserve in the U.S., the Armand Bayou Nature Center.

Where Entertainment and Culture Meet

A 30-minute drive north will take you to most diverse city in the U.S. — at least according to the LA Times — where you can find the Houston Museum District (with a grand total of 19 museums, all within walking distance), one of the most visited zoos in the country, amazing urban green spaces, professional sporting events, a thriving arts community, and world-class shopping. A 30-minute drive south gets you to the very relaxed Galveston Island, where you can tour old-world architecture, eat local seafood, enjoy one of the largest Mardi Gras celebrations outside of New Orleans, ride bikes and boards along the X mile seawall, and relax on the Gulf of Mexico. Destinations that are close enough for a weekend trip include Austin, New Orleans, San Antonio, Dallas, the breathtaking Texas Hill Country (wine tour anyone?), Brenham, Canyon Lake, numerous Texas State Parks, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, Lake Charles, 367 miles of Gulf of Mexico coastline, and a lot more. Finally, flights to just about anywhere in the world are within an hour’s drive, and cruises to the Caribbean are within a half-hour’s drive.

Why You Want to Move to Bay Area Houston

These reasons and more are why we at Whitecap Realty love our community. We love sharing our region with everyone. Our motto is: Realty is our Business, Life Well Lived is our Passion. In the Greater Houston Metro, we feel you can live the best life in the Bay Area!

If you’re looking to relocate to the Bay Area Houston and have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Realtors and ask! We love our community and love talking about too! Talk to our relocation specialists today to get started on finding the perfect home for sale in the Bay Area Houston.

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Moving to Clear Lake City: What You Can Expect

Clear Lake City is the most densely populated and culturally diverse area of Bay Area Houston. Built mostly in the 60s and 70s, Clear Lake City is the original, master planned community. It was annexed by the City of Houston in 1977 and shares the same public services as the rest of the City of Houston, including the Metro service to and from Houston, however, excluding the school district.

Clear Lake City History

Originally developed by the Friendswood Development Corporation for Exxon and NASA employees, Clear Lake City has grown to accommodate a growing number of families and UH Clear Lake students. Both the local Boeing and Lockheed Martin campuses are located here to serve NASA’s adjacent Johnson Space Center. Ellington Airport, located on the north side of Clear Lake City, now has an officially licensed commercial spaceport, one of only 10 in the country, and the only one in a metropolitan area. This alone is expected to be a huge boost to the local economy.

While still a suburb, there are areas of Clear Lake City that have more of an urban feel to them, with condos, mid-rise buildings, and urban-type green spaces. This is especially true down Bay Area Boulevard between Highway 3 and Saturn and El Camino between BAB and NASA Parkway.

Things to Enjoy When You Move to Clear Lake City

Home to the University of Houston Clear Lake, the Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre group, the Bay Area Youth Symphony, the Clear Lake Symphony, Exploration Green, and an amazing community association, Clear Lake City is a delightful place to call home.

Reasons to Move to Clear Lake City

If you’ve ever needed a reason to relocate to Clear Lake, here are eight for you to consider:

  1. Points of interest: Bay Oaks Country Club, Ellington Airport and Houston Spaceport, Armand Bayou Nature Preserve, Exploration Green, UHCL, and Freeman Branch Library
  2. Whitecap’s Favorite Restaurants: Mogul Indian Restaurant, Tokyo Bowl, Abe’s Cajun Market
  3. High School(s): Clear Lake High School
  4. Average Income: $147,791 (77059), $79,056 (77058), $85,857 (77062)
  5. Median House/Condo Value in 2015: $257,100 (77059), $166,600 (77058), $165,300 (77062)
  6. Zip Code(s): 77062, 77059, portions of 77058
  7. Good for: Families, professionals, downtown commuters, students of the University of Houston Clear Lake, entrepreneurs
  8. Other useful Links:
    1. Clear Lake City Community Association
    2. Clear Lake Today
    3. Clear Creek Independent School District
    4. Harris County

Doesn’t living in Clear Lake sound like living in paradise? If you’re thinking you want to move to Clear Lake, don’t hesitate to contact one of our relocation agents.

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Relocation to League City: What You Will Enjoy

According to, League City is the second fastest growing city in America. The population rose rapidly from 47,172 in 2000 to 102,635 in 2017.  It could be as high as 150,000 by 2025. Talk about growth!

Get to Know League City with These Helpful Resources

  1. Points of interest: South Shore Harbor Resort, Butler Longhorn Museum, Helen Hall Library, Historic Downtown League City, Magnolia Creek and South Shore Golf Clubs, South Shore Harbour Marina, Perry Family YMCA, Big League Dreams, League City Legends, South West International Boat Show, League City Music Fest
  2. Whitecap’s Favorite Restaurants: Main St. Bistro, Jimmy Changa’s, La India Bonita
  3. High School(s): Clear Creek High School, Clear Springs High School
  4. Average Income in 2012: $86,902
  5. Median House/Condo Value in 2015: $194,700
  6. Zip Code(s): 77053
  7. Good for: Families, professionals, Galveston commuters, sailors, entrepreneurs
  8. Other useful Links:
    1. League City Website
    2. Galveston County Website
    3. Clear Creek Independent School District

League City is one of the best communities to relocate to in the Bay Area Houston Area. If you’re wanting to move to League City, don’t hesitate to contact one of our relocation agents today.

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Welcome to the Dining and Shopping Mecca of Bay Area Houston

“Gateway to the Future”

The slogan for this fast and ever-changing mini-metropolis

Originally a late-1800s stopover for travelers from Houston to Galveston, the Webster is now home to the largest concentration of dining and shopping experiences in the area, as well as hotels and medical centers. This is a great location to start a business and find the most affordable housing in Bay Area Houston. For downtown commuters, Webster offers the convenience of the Bay Area’s only METRO park and ride.

Discover the Incredible Shopping Experience that Webster Has to Offer

Though technically located in Friendswood, Baybook Mall is located directly adjacent to Webster, across the Gulf Freeway, and perhaps is more relative to Webster in terms of location. Baybrook Mall, Baybrook Commons, Baybrook Gateway, and the Centre at Baybrook offer an enormous number of stores and restaurants for your pleasure. Baybrook Mall has more than 190 stores and 13 restaurants alone. Recently, it has been undergoing a massive expansion, and over the last few years, it has attracted the likes of REI, The Container Store, Sur la Table (who offers really fun cooking classes), a Dave and Busters, Star Cinema Grill, and even some local favorites, like Perry’s Steakhouse and Barbazzar.

If all of that wasn’t enough, ground has broken for the Webster SpaceWalk, a $500,000,000 themed destination that will include restaurants, entertainment venues, and a live music amphitheater right next to Top Golf.

Medical Services of Webster

Webster is also the home to the Bay Area Houston’s largest concentration of medical services and is quickly growing. Dubbed the “Medical Center of the South,” there are more than 2,200 physicians caring for more than 1.8 million patients annually. The Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, The Heart and Vascular Hospital, Houston Physicians Hospital, Bay Area Regional Medical Center, and Medical Plaza at Clear Lake are the largest medical providers here, and they provide easy access to top-quality care in nearly all specialties to our residents. Numerous other, not-so-small centers, offices, groups, and hospitals also operate here. There are simply too many to list in this brief article.

Reasons to Move to Webster

  1. Points of interest: Baybrook Mall, Star Cinema and Grill, Challenger Seven Memorial Park, Challenger Columbia Football Stadium
  2. Whitecap’s Favorite Restaurants: Perry’s Steak and Grill, Al Basha Mediterranean, Nobi Public House
  3. High School(s): Clear Lake High School, Clear Creek High School
  4. Average Income in 2015: $46,543
  5. Median House/Condo Value in 2015: $152,264
  6. Zip Code(s): 77598
  7. Good for: Singles/couples, downtown Houston commuters, people in the service industries
  8. Other useful Links:
    1. City of Webster
    2. Harris County
    3. METRO Park and Ride
    4. Clear Creek Independent School District

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Moving to Seabrook & Kemah (The sailing capital of TX, coastal charmers)

What were once quiet fishing villages nestled on the eastern shores of Galveston Bay are now bustling tourist magnets, thanks largely to the popular Kemah Boardwalk and its surrounding village. Every year, thousands of people make their way to the boardwalk to be thrilled by the rides, walk over the lapping bay water, eat from any one of more than a dozen restaurants, and watch the sailboats travel through the channel that connects Clear Lake to the Bay. Every Christmas holiday, there is a Santa’s Boat Parade on the channel, and every summer weekend, there are fireworks and live bands at the boardwalk. The village surrounding the boardwalk is about as cute as a neighborhood can get, and it’s dotted with unique culinary and shopping experiences.

What to do in Seabrook and Kemah

Seabrook is less touristy, but the connections between the two communities are unbreakable. Seabrook is home to many local businesses, including art galleries, restaurants, antique stores (like the very eclectic El Lago Coffee Co.), and the beautiful Todville Road, along Galveston Bay. Runners. Walkers love the crushed granite trails that meander for miles here through the native landscape, and plant lovers and oddities-seekers can spend hours at Maas Nursery, located toward the end of Todville, near Pine Gulley Park.

Both Kemah and Seabrook have a number of world-class marinas to dock your boat. No boat? No problem. Several rental services are available, as well as full-service charters, from small fishing boats to large party boats with full-service kitchens and staff. There are several places to learn to sail available for newbies.

Kemah has also had its share of television fame. Food Network has showcased its classic, old-time favorite, T-Bone Toms, on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives; and Extreme Home Makeover episode featured a Kemah family.

Why move to Seabrook and Kemah?

  1. Points of interest: Kemah Boardwalk, Waterford Harbor, Lakewood Yacht Club, Todville Road, Seabrook Trails, Pine Gully Park, Evelyn Meador Branch Library, Pelican Bay Pool and Park
  2. Whitecap’s Favorite Restaurants: Bakkhus Taverna, Habanero’s Taco Company, Seabrook Waffle Co.
  3. High School(s): Clear Falls High School
  4. Average Income in 2015: $85,319 (Seabrook), $78,281 (Kemah)
  5. Median House/Condo Value in 2015: $225,623 (Seabrook), $181,575 (Kemah)
  6. Zip Code(s): 77586 (Seabrook), 77565 (Kemah)
  7. Good for: Families, water lovers, people in the service industries, retirees
  8. Other useful Links:
    1. City of Kemah
    2. Galveston County Website
    3. City of Seabrook
    4. Harris County
    5. Clear Creek Independent School District

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Moving to Nassau Bay (An Out-of-This-World Community)

What to do in Nassau Bay

There is probably no tighter knit community in the Bay Area Houston than the tiny peninsula of Nassau Bay. Located directly across NASA Parkway from the famed Johnson Space Center, the former homes of Buzz Aldrin and other Apollo era astronauts are unassumingly nestled in the mature trees of the incredibly picturesque, calm neighborhood. Anytime Hollywood comes to town to film blockbuster space movies, like Apollo 13 and Armageddon, there is an energy in the air that can literally be felt.

Located at the mouth of Clear Creek at the western end of Clear Lake, paddling, fishing, and boating opportunities are right out the front door. From the boardwalk that runs on the east side of the peninsula, you will get the best sunrises on the lake, right over the Kemah bridge and the entirety of Clear Lake. There are canal neighborhoods, classic cul-de-sacs, waterfront mansions, and condos within the town’s borders.

Why Move to Nassau Bay?

  1. Points of interest: David Braun Park at Lake Nassau, Nassau Bay Peninsula Wildlife Park, Nassau Bay Town Square, Space Center Houston, and Johnson Space Center (the last two are technically Houston)
  2. Whitecap’s Favorite Restaurants: Mediterraneo Market and Café, Cuisine India, Viola and Agnes’ Neo Soul Cafe
  3. High School(s): Clear Creek High School
  4. Average Income in 2015: $70,613
  5. Median House/Condo Value in 2015: $242,943
  6. Zip Code(s): 77058
  7. Good for: Families, water lovers, people in the aerospace industries, retirees
  8. Other useful Links:
    1. City of Nassau Bay
    2. Harris County
    3. Clear Creek Independent School District

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Welcome to El Lago & Taylor Lake Village (Small-Town Classic Hoods)

What to do in El Lago & Taylor Lake Village

What can we say about these towns, but that we love them because they are quiet, family friendly, and settled in? Home to some of our favorite restaurants in the area, there is not a lot of traffic or hub-bub going on, which is great for folks who want a quiet, affordable, coastal lifestyle without the touristy vibes of their neighbors that flank them on both sides. Clear Lake Regional Park is a great place to fish, let kids run wild, or launch a boat. And, as a bonus, every Wednesday evening from the park, you can watch local sailors race one another in the Clear Lake Regatta.

Why Move to El Lago or Taylor Lake Village?

  1. Points of interest: Clear Lake Park, Taylor Lake Park and Disc Golf Course
  2. Whitecap’s Favorite Restaurants: La Poz, Boondoggles, and Chelsea Wine Bar
  3. High School(s): Clear Springs High School
  4. Average Income in 2015: El Lago – $46,734, Taylor Lake Village – $59,337
  5. Median House/Condo Value in 2015: $319,500
  6. Zip Code(s): 77586
  7. Good for: Families, water lovers, people in the aerospace industries

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Welcome to Clear Lake Shores (Island Life in the Burbs)

What to do in Clear Lake Shores

Without a doubt, the most interesting and eclectic neighborhood in all of Bay Area Houston, Clear Lake Shores looks like it belongs off the gulf shores of old Florida. Located right at the Kemah Channel, Clear Lake Shores is full of the most unique waterside architecture around. The town offers municipal boat slips (the city actually boasts more boat slips than people, which has helped it earn its nickname as the Yachting Capital of Texas), a farmer’s market, a food truck park, and a community center for its residents. The sunsets here are the best in ones in a 30-mile radius.

Why move to Clear Lake Shores?

  1. Points of interest: CLS Farmer’s Market
  2. Whitecap’s Favorite Restaurants: Opus Bistro, Joe Lee’s Seafood Kitchen, Clear Lake Shores Food Truck Park
  3. High School(s): Clear Springs High School
  4. Average Income in 2015: $108,260
  5. Median House/Condo Value in 2015: $399,450
  6. Zip Code(s): 77565
  7. Good for: Families, water lovers, people in the aerospace industries

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Welcome to Friendswood (A Pastoral Creek Community)

What to do in Friendswood

Once you visit Friendswood, you’ll see why CNN and Money Magazine named it as one of 100 best places to live in the United States in 2007. This charming city features all kinds of entertainment and activities, including Stevenson Park, Windward SeaVenture, Putt Putt Fun House and so much more. Friendswood is also home to Rise Cupcakes, a delectable cupcake shop that finished in second place on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

Why move to Friendswood?

  1. Points of interest: Friendswood Farmer’s Market, Centennial Park
  2. Whitecap’s Favorite Restaurants: Perry’s Steakhouse, Stutt’s Biergarten, Rise Cupcakes
  3. High School(s): Clear Brook High School, Friendswood High School
  4. Average Income in 2015: $42,963
  5. Median House/Condo Value in 2015: $421,054
  6. Zip Code(s): 77089, 77546, 77549, 77598
  7. Good for: Families, Cupcake Lovers

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